Raising Readers Book Club


You know that books are important to have around, and you know that books are crucial to your child becoming a lifelong reader and learner, but you hate searching through books, asking for recommendations, or feeling lost as to what books your kids will actually ENJOY reading and engaging with. 

Here's where I come in. I will be your personal book shopper, and send you books EVERY SINGLE MONTH based on your child's ages and interests. 

  • No more wasting hours browsing the internet trying to figure out what books to buy for your kids.

  • Or not having it on your list and going months without new books in your home library.

  • More time with your kids wanting to read with you, and by themselves.

  • More time for you to get work or projects done while they entertain themselves with their new books! 

  • More quality time with your kids without having to plan any sort of big, fancy activity.

  • Books your kids bring to YOU instead of you trying to coerce them to read.

Pick whichever plan fits your lifestyle (grow your library as quickly or as gradually as you'd like), and show your children how essential and important books are!